Trading Strategy Benchmarks

Chart Stalking Opportunities shared by CryptoMates Members within the CryptoMates Members Forum (since May 2022)

These opportunities are available to all Members to take advantage of as they are identified and shared.  The success of each strategy is dependent only on a member's ability to follow the Strategy Rules taught during CryptoMates Mentoring sessions.

Here are the current Strategy Garage (introduced August 2023) results:
Strategy Garage \(Canva\) Photos.png

CM8-Bull Div CM8-SR Flip CM8-50RSI CM8-80/200 CM8-SFP Total
92 valid    trades 84 valid    trades 12 valid     trades 60 valid     trades 109 valid    trades 358 valid trades
88% success 90% success 92% success 92% success 79% success 87% success
2.8                avg R:R 3.4                avg R:R 2.9                avg R:R 2.8                avg R:R 2.4                  avg R:R 2.8                  avg R:R
4 trades pm 4 trades pm 1 trades pm 3 trades pm 5 trades pm 16 trades pm

Note: These strategies do not resemble those of a similar name you might find elsewhere and have been heavily customised with Entry and Exit rules and Trade Management parameters.  This is how the high rate of success and high returns are available with these strategies.

"Considering the CryptoMates Strategy Benchmark results, why would you trade any other way?"

The above Trading Strategy Results were last updated on 4th March 2024

Mar 4, 2024