Trading Strategies

Learn new Trading Strategies with a CryptoMates™ Mentor.

CryptoMates™ have a number of different Trading Strategies that have shown excellent results.

If you'd like to add a new trading strategy to your strategy arsenal, check out the Trading Strategies we have to offer.

We can help you identify your own personal trading style and make each Strategy work for you.

The mentoring for each Strategy features key areas such as:

  • Strict characteristics for identifying a Trading opportunity
  • Points of invalidation
  • Strict Entry Criteria, Rules & Guidelines
  • Identifying and setting Profit Targets
  • Help with setting proper risk management rules per strategy
  • Help build Stop Loss Management rules and criteria
  • How to Manage a Trade once you're in it  (and still get a good night's sleep)
  • Alerts - that can help both bring our attention to a possible setup and then also assist with Trade Management
  • Trade Documentation & Reporting - how to document the particular strategy and how to accurately measure each strategy

Each of CryptoMates™ Strategies has been back-tested and performs well for our own Trading rules and style.

Are you ready to learn a new Trading Strategy?  Check out the strategies we can Mentor you on.