Safe Space

CryptoMates™ Safe Space is more about how we conduct ourselves as a Community than anything else.

The Safe Space ethos is pretty simple.  Be nice to everyone, the expectations are:

  • Don't be negative about someone treat them the way you want to be treated
  • Own your own sh%t
  • If you are going to be cocky then make sure you can back it up!!
    • Don't brag about how good a trade is if you didn't chart it yourself (someone else should be taking the credit).
  • Don't send people unsolicited private messages
  • Be appreciative if someone takes the time to help you with something or if you overstep and do the wrong thing buy them a coffee
  • Don't reshare other people's charts
  • you get the picture...

Legal Blah Blah... If you breach the CryptoMates™ Safe Space ethos or the Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to terminate your account without a refund, disable features of the service available to you or take other actions that are deemed reasonable and/or necessary to maintain the goodwill of the CryptoMates Safe Space.