Ascending Triangle (Asc Tri)

Ascending Triangles are a popular chart pattern, often traded by traders as a bullish continuation pattern. These patterns are easily recognizable due to the horizontal resistance level that price is trying to break through, while simultaneously forming a series of Higher Lows.

Price action within the pattern typically involves at least 5 swings, and can break the trend in either direction. However, breaks to the upside generally have a higher chance of success. The build-up of bullish pressure represented by the higher lows moving into the horizontal resistance level often results in a breakout when the pattern is around 60% complete.

Key features of these patterns include an aggressive entry at the third touch of the rising trend line, with a stop below the second trend line touch. A conservative entry would be at the BCR (Breakout Candle Close) of the horizontal resistance, with a stop below the support level/market structure.

While trading these patterns as breakouts can be a higher-risk entry, many traders are very successful at this style of trading.

The projected target, or Measured Move, would be the length of the move coming into the pattern.

Ascending Triangle


Dec 20, 2023