4hr Support and Resistance (4hr SR)

On the 4-hour time frame, there are notable Support and Resistance (SR) levels. These levels indicate where the price has reacted, leading to a reversal (commonly referred to as "bouncing") or consolidation.

Determining SR levels can be subjective since they can comprise both candle bodies and wicks. To confirm these levels, the price should have been tested or reached several times.

Once a level of Support is broken, it could turn into Resistance; similarly, when a Resistance level is breached, it may turn into Support.

When examining SR levels, it's advisable to use a Line Chart, as these levels are represented as horizontal lines below.

Note: To validate SR levels in greater detail, it's suggested to examine higher time frames (such as 12 hours, daily, or beyond), as these validations carry more weight in price action than levels identified on lower time frames.